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Alex Thoule


Harish is a great instructor. His lessons were well-organised and enjoyable and allowed me to become a competent and confident driver. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive thank you Harish

Passed 12/23 only 2 minor faults


Tom Cannon

Awaiting Testimonial

Passed 10/23 only 2 minor faults


George Kernot

Awaiting Testimonial

Passed 08/23 only 2 minor faults

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Arvin Heer

Harish is a great driving instructor, he is clear and patient which allowed me to find and overcome any mistakes or challenges with my driving. I would highly recommend HP Driving school to anyone looking to learn how to drive!



Passed 07/23 Zero Faults


Georgiana Enache

I have passed my exam in first attempt and truly enjoyed entire experience of learning. Harish is a brilliant driving instructor. He is a great teacher and really helped me quickly. Thanks for everything you're done. I would recommend HP Drivng to anyone that does need lessons..

Passed 07/23 with only 3 minors


Ruby Joshi

Harish is a great driving instructor, he's very professional and organised. He was able to fix the flaws in my driving including the bad habits from my previous instructor. I'd recommend him to everyone!

Passed 04/23 with only 2 minors


Alicia Orsman



Thank you for all your help and support with helping me to drive.

You always supported me and told me the bits that needed improvement. You truly are amazing!!

Passed 01/23 with only 1 Minor


Shaun Heuer

Harish, my driving instructor was patient from lesson 1. He always corrected me straight after I made a mistake which helped me rectify it. He is very knowledgeable about driving as well as how they test you on the test day. He gave me confidence when I was driving, and always answered any questions I had. He drew out some tricky areas on a whiteboard which helped me gain a picture in my head of what I have to do. On test day, I was familiar with most of the roads and as well as the junctions which he made sure we practiced multiple times. I definitely would recommend him to anyone.

Pass 01/2023 Only 2 minors


Kyle Taylor


Having had a few questionable instructors in the past, and taking a break from driving lessons for years. Harish had been very accommodating throughout my lessons, even when I needed to be elsewhere and offering a way to make lessons work for me. In addition to all this, he has set up a very professional way of teaching with an app showcasing all needed information and progress. Which also includes feedback and contact information incase you need it. Overall I would recommend Harish, for people wanting to pass. Especially within a reasonable time frame.

Passed 10/22 only 2 minors


Matthew Blamford


Harish was given one month's notice to whip me into shape before my test. I'd had no professional instruction before. The lessons were tough and Harish tells you how it is, but he got me to pass after just 19 hours. Thank you !

Passed 09/22 only 1 minor


Atakora Lovinger Aboagye

Harish is the best man for your lessons, he completely turned me from an awful driver to a good one, allowing me to pass my test on the 1st go. I love him forever and ever !!

Passed 05/22 only 3 minors


Vimbai Audrey Muhonde

Yay !

Passed 05/22 only 2 minors


Erin McEvoy

Harish is an amazing instructor. He was very friendly and patient during lessons and he quickly helped me to build confidence with driving. He got me through my test first try with only 3 minors. I would definitely recommend him.

Passed 03/22 only 3 minors


Seonn Ashton

Thank you Harish for teaching me upto an amazing standard which enabled me to pass with only one minor fault ! A great and honest driving instructor who I would most definitely recommend.

Passed 02/22 only 1 minor


Madison Oram

I Highly recommend Harish as a driving Instructor, if you want good structured lessons and also a good laugh, I never felt nervous or scared whilst driving I felt Calm and Confident

Passed 02/22 only 3 minors


Harwinder Singh

Great Instructor, help me pass  with flying colours, very patient and informative  I have recommended him to all my friends

Passed 12/21 No Faults


Fiona Teale-Lefort

Harish is a great instructor, I would recommend him to anyone. He helped me get over my fear of driving and passed first time.

Passed 10/2021 only 3 minors


Anthony Lee

Having very little experience, I had two weeks of lessons with Harish in the lead upto my test. His guidance was pragmatic and comprehensive and helped me pass with only one minor.

Passed 09/21 only 1 minor


Mellissa Sidwell

Experienced instructor who helped me adjust to driving in the U.K on the wrong side of the road and the roundabouts !


Positive experience and would definitely recommend.

Passed 08/21 only 4 minors


Oscar Kernot

Friendly Driving Instructor who gives clear explanations and prepares you well for your test

Passed 05/21


Tara Sapkota


Harish is a diligent and well experienced teacher who pushes you to be a good and safe driver beyond just passing the test. He is well organised with clear lesson plans and resources both in the car with visual aids and out of lessons with the app, allowing for fast, high quality learning supplemented by his humour. He is kind, patient and motivating and I highly recommend him.

Passed 11/23 only 2 minors faults


Ayub Mohammed

Great Instructor, I'd definitely recommend him if you want to pass first time, explains everything well and does everything at a good pace.


Passed 09/23 only 8 minor faults


Jake Bryne

Had a good experience I would 100% recommend Harish to anyone. Thank you for helping me pass 1 try with 2 minors

Passed 08/23 2 minor faults


Ekraaj Phull

Awaiting Testimonial


Passed 07/23


Sherrylea Curtis


The Only instructor I had found who adapted his teaching methods to a way that I could understand, having dyspraxia means I have some issues with processing information and sometimes coordination. I never felt like my learning was rushed and there was always a let's find a way to help this make sense to you. I'm grateful that he took the time to understand how I thought about driving as well as understanding my anxiety issues and being supportive in the learning process. After 3 tests and some preseverance we finally got there, not sure I would have done it without his encouragement and belief that I could do it. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Passed 06/23 with only 5 minors


Hayley Mokiwa


Harish is a really patient teacher, really caters to your individual needs! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants an honest instructor who's truly willing  to help you pass!!

Passed 03/23 with 5 minors


Anmol Channe



Harish I would recommend to any of my friends he was patient, and instructed me to overcome my bad habbits in a short space of time. He conducted an assessment and found my faults and basically fixed them to help me pass first time

Passed 01/23 with only 2 Minors


Abdijibar Nooh
(aka... AJ)


My First time driving was with Harish Verma who is a very patient instructor. Passed on my first try. He is organised and punctual and will teach you to a high standard with his many years of experience. Highly recommend to give hpdrivingschool a go.

Passed 12/22 with only 2 minors


Alex Deacon



Passed 09/22 only 4 minors


Fletcher Davis


I really enjoyed the lessons he gave. Very fun and professional

Passed 08/22 only 6 minors


Daniel Trafford Jones

I would highly recommend Harish to anyone. He covered all elements of the driving test very well and always used examinable routes for practice. He quickly identified where I needed improvement in my driving and helped me pass second time. His unique personality and talkative nature also made every lesson fun and interesting.

Passed 05/22 only 5 minors


Preet Bhamra

Harish is a great instructor, he is patient and very clear when explaining things. It's very helpful to have a friendly instructor like Harish especially if you don't feel confident with driving at first. I would highly recommend him;

thank you Harish !

Passed 05/22 only 1 minor


TJ Virdee

Harish was a great instructor ! Was very knowledgable and a good laugh too. We had a few faults that needed fixing and with Harish's help did so in just a few weeks of lessons which helped me to pass with ease. Would highly recommend.

Passed 03/22 only 4 minors


Aaronvir Basi

Would higly recommend HP driving school, very friendly and knowledgeable instructor who fills you with confidence from the moment you go on the roads. Only 2 minors but could have been 0 easily

Passed 02/22 only 2 minors


Dion Richardson

HP Driving School improved my driving so much !

I passed first time with only 2 minors thanks to the corrections that HP Driving School Made !

I highly recommend them

Passed 01/22 2 Minors


Jennifer Lister

Harish is such a kind and patient instructor. He takes time to explian things and gives clear feedback.

Such a good instructor !!

Thanks Harish !!

Passed 12/21 4 minor faults


Arjun Bagga

Great Driving Instructor, Helped Find my mistakes and correct them, taught me how to drive, not just pass the test

Passed 10/21 No faults


Sahib Virdee

Harish delivers great lessons and allows you to learn at your own pace. You'll only have to pay for what you need

 Passed 09/21 only 4 minors


Nicole Matthews

Yay !

Passed 06/21 only 3 minors


Mekhandeep Singh

Great Instructor helped me adjust to UK driving and got me through my test

I have recommended him to all my friends

Passed 05/21


Ruari Grove


HPDriving school was very professional and thorough throughout the lessons I had wih him. I've had different instructors and his course prepared me the most and allowed me to pass first time. I'd recommend him to anyone beginning their journey of learning to drive

Thanks Ruari

Passed 11/23 only 4 minor faults


Nishant Vats

The reason I chose Harish was because he had one of the first websites I found online in Slough. Anyone I know that is looking to further their driving will certainly be given Harish's number from me. I have been driving a number of years in different country so I felt I knew a little bit more than the average driver, but the things Harish showed me in the lessons really broadened my thinking and preception of driving. On the roads where it's becoming busier and more aggressive, Harish was able to change the way I looked at the road and approached different situations which I am extremely thankful for and have been putting them into practice each time I get in my car. Thank you very much Harish

Passed 09/23 only 5 minor faults


Callum Nicoll

Harish is a professional, punctual and helpful instructor who is a great laugh. He always created a fun and enjoyable learning environment. You are given effective ways to track your progress and see where you need to work on, and that was a great help. I would highly recommend Harish to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thank you very much Harish!

Passed 08/23 2 minor faults


Stoyan ilkov


Harish is a very patient,punctual and professional driving instructor. He has many years of experience which is evident through his teaching methods. The most important thing is that Harish picks up on every mistake, which is always followed by instructions on how to rectify it and then you work on your mistakes until you become fluent in it. This is why Harish ensures that you are ready to pass first time. I'm very grateful for all his help and I recommend him to all Thank You !

Passed 07/23 with only 4 minors


Poppie Holdaway


Harish is a very good instructor who has been able to help me gain confidence on the road. When I first started I was very anxious and nervous but now I'm fully confident. The 2 hour lessons are really worth it and help you learn many new skills in one lesson. He's funny and chatty but helpful and helps you understand your mistakes within your driving so you can improve. I would recommend Harish to any drivers wanting to gain their licence.

Passed 06/23 with ZERO faults


Shozab Rizvi


Very reliable and professional, Would recommend to anyone who wants to pass their test first time.

Passed 02/23 with only 7 Minors


Lexie Painter



Awaiting Testimonial

Passed 01/23 with only 5 Minors


Aamina Ali


Harish is a great instructor who is clear with instructions and helped me feel at ease while driving. Lessons were always clearly structured and I always received helpful feedback. Thanks to him I was able to pass first time and I now feel confident while driving, I would highly recommend Harish

Passed 11/22 Only 8 minors


Hardeep Singh Herr

Harish is a great instructor as with only a week to prepare me for my driving test and he got me ready for the test and allowed for me to pass first time. He is extremely fun to drive with and I had a great time learning with him. I would definitely recommend him to get a first time pass

Passed 09/22 only 3 minors


Hugh Bradley


Harish is a fantastic instructor who managed to massively increase my confidence in driving. His knowledge of the local driving area and tests are excellant and he can explain driving concepts in ways in which are easy to understand. Before learning with Harish I had picked up some bad habits and he quickly sorted those out and got my driving to a place where I could take my practical test in a relatively short space of time. I would absolutely recommend Harish to anyone.

Passed 08/22 only 1 minor


Sophie McGiffen

Harish is a brilliant instructor that helped me to correct bad habits taught by a previous instructor and made me a better driver. I wouldn't have passed if it weren't for him!  (And the lucky duck)

Passed 05/22 only 2 minors


Amber Nottage

I would highly recommend Harish as a driving instructor. Always gives clear instructions but never too serious, always up for a laugh. He makes sure to point out weaker areas in which you need to practice which helped greatly leading up to the test.

Passed 04/22 only 5 minors


Lalit Negi

Usually we take lessons from a single instructor to prepare for the test, however in my case(fortunatley), I had to change the instructor to Harish, as I had switched the city I lived in. I found this a blessing in disguise as Harish was far better than my previous one. I found Harish highly skilled, patient and calm with a great sense of humour. He quickly identifies the shortcomings of the student and works specifically on those elements. His car is another plus that I found very easy to control and master. I would definitely recommend him for any new students and people with experience in other countries as well, as he upfront knows their problems and can easily fix the same.

Passed 02/22  only 3 minors


Aayana Goswami

As a first time driver I found these lessons quite enjoyable. Harish is a friendly instructor who gives clear explanations and pays attention to weaker skills to quickly build confidence on the road

Passed 02/22 only 2 minors


Lamees Hashim


Really friendly and experienced instructor, taught me and both of my siblings and we all passed first time. Very patient despite all my silly mistakes and would definite;y recommend.

Passed 01/22 4 Minors


Agostinho Barreto

Harish is a brilliant instructor. He helped me build my confidence as a learner driver and helped me pass the test first time.

I would definitely recommend him.

Thanks Harish

Passed 12/21 4 minor faults


Daryl Willett

I met Harish when he was an instructor for the AA Driving School I decided to continue learning with him. It was the best decision I ever made.

Harish is a world class instructor. He is very clear, enjoyable lessons and supportive. I enjoy his teach so much I will be doing pass plus with him.


Highly recommend you book with Harish

Passed 10/21  No Faults


Ruby Nolan

Thank you Harish, you got Ruby through her test first time. Well done to you, we will pass your card on many times and will always recommend you. Very calm and always informative. Thank you from Bev, Mother of Ruby who passed first time today. Her words "very calm and always felt safe even when I was making a mistake"

Passed 09/21 only 4 minors


Susana Martins

My experience with Harish was great! The lessons are positve and beneficial

 Passed 06/21 only 5 minors


Cerys Watterson

Thank you so Much Harish !

Passed 05/21

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